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Emergency Plan

STRATEnerGY provides cost effective off-grid alternative energy solutions utilizing Solar and a fuelled generator generator if required. 

We try to offer all of the off-grid solar equipment and electrically efficient and non-electric appliances you might need off-grid. 

We design consultatively with clients, ensuring the design addresses their objectives.  Solutions reflect your objectives which may range from experimental and educational to dependable and expandable.

Why not a package?    Buying a package is like purchasing a shoe based on small, medium and large. Packages also don't have expandability but are built for lowest price where all components to just (barely) fit together.  Each component being as small and inexpensive as possible. If you wish to expand a package because the package doesn't fit you will you will find you have to replace some of the equipment you purchased.

Input Information:

  • Seasonality of use.  If your use is mainly weekend use, what is the season and duration of your vacation. 

  • Number of people normally and at peak times

  • Location!  Canada is large and our weather even within a province varies.    We use Natural Resources Canada solar irradiation averages to help get it right!

  • What you want to power with your system.  We have a pre-populated our spreadsheet to help you.  We need to establish detail to a per item granularity.  For each item we need days per week and hours per day ...and  running Watts if different from ours.

Within our website we do our best to dispel industry misinformation with our website by providing current relevant technical information in non-technical format.

STRATEnerGY provides products, advice and services for:  

*       Solar

*       photo voltaic panels

*       solar water heating 

*       Wind

*       turbines and generators

*       towers, both freestanding and supported

*       associated equipment and accessories

*       Support Products

*       Inverters, batteries, switches, charge controllers

*       water pumps, demand hot water, waste water heat recovery,

*       re-circulating pumps, solar hot water collectors, heat exchangers

*       Appliances: Propane fuelled and 12&24V DC powered

*       Lighting: Propane Lights

*     Check out   when considering a purchase for night vision and image intensifying equipment

*       Energy Efficiency

*       Avoiding phantom electrical loads

*       Water:

*       Recycling water to reduce septic bed or holding tank size.

*       Reclaiming heat from water before it disappears into the septic tank or municipal sewer lines

*       Heating water efficiently

*       Heat:

*       Harvesting Nature's heat

*       Reflecting heat away from or back into your home

*       Emergency Planning

*       Food, water, emergency supplies, first aid kits.

*       Environmentally friendly cleaning products, personal hygiene products, adhesives, glue

Our team starts by selling only products that we have tested for quality and performance from first tier companies able to support their claims.

We are a Canadian Company located in Ontario.  We retail alternative energy products in Canada, to Canadians.

We are affiliated with many manufacturers and distributors of alternative energy products and can find you the best product for the best price.

Our products are UL, C UL,
CSA and/or ESA (Electrical Safety Authority). approved.

Contact Information


toll free   (888) 810-4709

direct      (905) 885-2542

Electronic mail

Sales and General Information:  info@stratenergy.ca



 Blue Sky MPPT solar charge controllers

 Bosch tankless hot water heaters

 Organic Bulk Grains


Magnum Energy Inverters

 Outback MPPT Solar charge controller

 Outback Inverters

 Ready Reserve Dehydrated Foods



 Sundanzer Fridges and Freezers

Sun-Mar Composting Toilets

 Sunfrost DC powered refrigerators

Surrette Batteries

 Takagi Tankless demand hot water heaters


 Unique propane refrigerators and stoves








Home Products Saving Energy Glossary Contents About / Contact


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