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Our Genesis

 More than fifteen years ago we became involved with alternative energy configurations and repairs and incorporated STRATEnerGY.  We like to help people.  Our initial involvement with off-grid was in response to painful cries for help from people who had moved off grid.  Problems such as generator failures, expensive arrays of dead batteries or batteries that went flat quickly.  Problems were almost always traced back to poor advice from a supplier or poorly configured or imbalanced systems.  

Sending people back to the company responsible for the system miss-configuration wasn't an option and was the beginning of a very steep learning curve for us.  What a lot of things to learn!  Even with strong backgrounds in science and math we found it challenging.  Living off grid isn't just about making electricity; it is about becoming electrically self sufficient and involves physics, chemistry, and weather as well,  ...to say nothing of mastering the technologies involved!  We identify with your pain of tackling a project of such wide scope.  Our hope is that this web site helps you to learn and understand.  If there is a topic you would like to see covered or covered more thoroughly send us a note!

Finding and Contacting us:

We live in Ontario's south east close to Brighton.  We have a number of associates who use our help sourcing products through our purchasing power.  These are not affiliated companies or dealers but people who lean on us for expertise and source some of their products through us.  We've listed these as points of contact for you as well.


       Tel:        905-885-2542

STRATEnerGY is a proud sponsor of:


Home Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


Contact Us: Telephone:  toll free at 1-888-810-4709 Parry Sound,Northern Ontario,Muskoka and Georgian Bay
Send mail
info.stratenergy@gmail.com with questions or comments about our product or web site.

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