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Scientists have even germinated and planted seeds found stored at the time the pyramids were built. Don't expect similar results. Our point is that properly stored grains and seeds can last a very long time. Whole grains and seeds are versatile sources of food and vitamins and should be considered in your emergency preparedness planning.

All products listed below are certified organically grown then packaged and transported in a manner befitting food for human consumption.  Due to the seasonal nature of farm produce there will be times when we run out of stock; we'll do our best to keep our list up-to-date.

Most of the foods listed below are available in 25 kg, 10kG and 5 kg quantities and can be shipped to any location in Canada.

Because availability changes quickly, we decided not to attempt to change our website daily but to share a price list with all Canadians interested in prices and product ordering. Our price list can be requested from Linda.

Adzuki Beans Sprout,cook  
Alfalfa sprout  
Arugala Sprout,plant rocket
Barley Salad,cook hulless - low germ
Barley Sprout,cook hulls on - for barley grass
Basil Sprout,plant  
Blend  - Ancient Eastern sprout contains Fenugreek, Lentils, Kamut, Adzuki
Blend -  Sandwich booster sprout clover, alfalfa, radish, canola
Blend Broccoli Brassica Blend sprout contains Broccoli, Broccoli Raab, Canola, Radish, Mustard, Arugula
Blend Crunch bean mix, Sprout,cook a mix of peas, garbanzo beans, lentils
Blend - Lentil Crunch Spicy Sprout,cook Mix of lentils, radish, alfalfa, red clover, canola, black mustard.
Blend Lentil Crunch Super Spicy Sprout,cook - more bite!
Blend Spring Salad sprout broccoli, radish, red clover, alfalfa
Broccoli Sprout,plant  
Broccoli Sprout,plant RAAB (rapini)
Buckwheet Sprout,mill hulls on, superb sprouter
Cabbage sprout Red
Canola  Sprout,plant Non-GMO
Carrots Sprout,plant tastes like baby carrots
Clover - crimson Sprout,plant,tea (larger than red)
Clover - red Sprout,plant,tea  
Cress plant curly -grow in soil or tray for cuttings
Fennel Sprout,plant Good germination.
Fenugreek Sprout,plant,tea  
Flaxseed Sprout,plant brown - sprouting or baking, etc
Garbanzo Beans Sprout,cook medium large
Garlic Chives Sprout,plant  
Kale Sprout,plant Pink
Lentils Sprout,cook Eston small green
Lentils Sprout,cook French green
Lentils Sprout,cook large green
Lentils Sprout,cook small crimson,
Lentils Sprout,cook small black
Mizuna - Sprout,plant Japanese mustard greens
Mung Beans Sprout,cook  
Mustard Seed sprout brown -Hot-
Mustard Seed sprout oriental   -Hotter-
Mustard Seed sprout yellow - Hot, works well in a mix
Oats, hull-less Cook,mill almost no hulls
Onion Sprout,plant  
Peas Sprout,plant,cook dwarf grey sugar - leafy shoots
Peas Sprout,plant,cook yellow, leafy shoots tendrils, or short sprouts
Peas Sprout,plant,cook speckled, tall shoots
Peas Sprout,plant,cook marrowfat - great fresh pea taste!
POPCORN, Sprout,cook short sprouts or shoots
Quinoa sprout R ed Bolivian -  sprouting
Quinoa sprout white Peruvian
Radish Sprout,plant China Rose - Grows pink sprouts, hot
Radish Sprout,plant Daikon - white sprouts, milder
Radish Sprout,plant Red Daikon
Rye Sprout,plant,mill for sprouts, ryegrass, milling
Soybeans Sprout,cook fine for cooking.
Sunflower  seeds Sprout,toast Black,medium.
Turnip Sprout,plant SWEDISH fresh tasting sprout
Wheat Sprout,plant,mill hard red spring, wheatgrass or milling
Wheat Sprout,mill soft white spring, rejuvelac, short sprouts
Wheat Sprout,plant hard red winter for wheatgrass

Because availability changes quickly, we decided not to attempt to change our website daily but to share a MS Excel pricing spreadsheet with all Canadians interested in prices and product ordering. Our pricing spreadsheet can be requested from Linda.

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