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Battery Maintenance

STRATEnerGY provides products, advice and services for:  

*       Solar PV

*       photo voltaic panels (solar panels)


*       Support Products

*       Inverters, batteries, switches, charge controllers

*       water pumps, demand hot water, waste water heat recovery,

*       Propane Gas Appliances, such as Gas Fridges, Gas freezers, Gas Cooktop, Gas Stove ...and Gas Lights

*       Appliances: Propane fuelled and 12&24V DC powered

*       Energy Efficiency

*       Avoiding phantom electrical loads

*       Water:

*       Recycling water to reduce septic bed or holding tank size.

*       Reclaiming heat from water before it disappears into the septic tank or municipal sewer lines

*       Heating water efficiently through tankless hot water


*       Emergency Planning

*       Packaged and custom first aid kits.


Our Brighton, Ontario based team starts by selling only products that we have tested for quality and performance from first tier companies able to support their claims. stratenergy

We are a Canadian Company located in Ontario.  We retail alternative energy products across Canada, to Canadians.

We are affiliated with many manufacturers and distributors of alternative energy products and can find you the best product for the best price.

Our products are UL, C UL,
CSA and/or ESA (Electrical Safety Authority). approved.

Contact InformationSTRATEnerGY is a Supporter of CAPE                                                                   


toll free   (888) 810-4709

direct      (905) 885-2542

Sales and General Information: info.stratenergy@gmail.com

Home Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


Contact Us: Telephone:  toll free at 1-888-810-4709 Parry Sound,Northern Ontario,Muskoka and Georgian Bay
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info.stratenergy@gmail.com with questions or comments about our product or web site.

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