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Inverters for Canada

These inverters are principally used with solar, wind or hydro power systems for a home or business disconnected from the electric utility grid. They can also be used for providing emergency backup power to homes that currently use grid power from an electric company.

Most of the inverters listed at left come with a built-in AC charger option and are well suited to providing seamless backup power.

                      Inverter AC Wave forms

  • Sine Wave Inverters copy the wave form you get from your wall plug at home and can be used with all types of electronics and electric equipment.
  • Modified Square Wave is a cheaper technology than sine wave.  They cause ceiling fans to hum, will make a fridge run hotter and are known to destroy the electronics of Apple computers and most laser printers.
  • Square Wave inverters are not electrically approved and rarely sold other than for small cigarette lighter type inverters.   Partially because of the long time the voltage is at peak, most electrical items run too hot with square wave inverters and most electronics suffer.

Inverters that do NOT produce a true sine sine wave may create high levels of harmonic distortion, which in turn can cause electrical interference and audio hum while possibly also overheating the connected equipment.

Inverter Waveforms



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