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SMA Grid Tie Inverters

The conversion of DC current into AC current for both solar and  wind power plants is now simpler then ever: The Sunny Boy PV inverters installed in over 200,000 plants all over the globe are equipped with a special operating mode for wind energy plants.

A wide input voltage range, an outstanding efficiency, a freely configurable U/I characteristics and a well known efficiency are only some of the features that you can use for your off-grid or grid tied application.

Links to details and specifications to some individual grid tie inverters are shown at left.  Follow this link for a comparison chart showing the complete Sunny Boy line.

Your advantages:

- Applicable for grid connection and island grids
- Wide input voltage range
- Freely configurable V/I characteristic curve
- Applicable for outside mounting directly on the mast
- Diagnosis and Communication via grid or radio as well as via cable (RS232 or RS485)
- Extended temperature range -25 C to +60 C
- Outstanding efficiency at the whole power range
- Over voltage protection via thermally monitored varistors

SMA is now offers valued customers an optional additional 5 year extended warranty. The warranty will add an additional 5 years to the original warranty period for a total of 10 years. All warranty details and procedures from the original warranty will apply. The extended warranty must be purchased within the first 60 days of the original purchase date of any new SMA inverter. The warranty can be purchased by an individual, company, distributor, reseller, installer or Solar Pro Club member.


Home Up Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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