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Sunny Island Grid Tie


Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install, Minimal installation costs

  • DC Distribution unnecessary

  • Highest efficiency:>93% even with low input power,  System Diagnosis and Monitoring via Powerline

  • Extended Temperature Range 25 °C to 60 °C (Ambient Temperature)

  • System Diagnosis and Monitoring via Powerline

  • Protection Class IP65,Stainless Steel Case for Outside Installation


The Sunny Boy inverter family convinces with a real efficiency of more than 93 %.The advantages of the string technology such as connection of the modules in series, missing diode arrays, minimized mismatching losses and so on – even increase the PV-system efficiency by another 1 to 3 % compared with other PV-systems. The Sunny Boy Family provides the best available system efficiency.

Surge Voltage Protection

The Sunny Boy inverters are equipped with thermally monitored varistors on the DC side –a male function of these is indicated with a LED and can be supervised with a remote monitoring system.

Maximum Safety

Personnel safety and hardware reliability are major issues of the products developed by SMA. The Sunny Boy Family safety strategy includes electric separation, isolation monitoring, surge voltage protection and of course the CE declaration. A MSD (Mains monitoring with allocated Switching Devices, German: ENS) in accordance with VDE 0126 is naturally a standard feature of the Sunny Boy inverters.

Get Ready for the Future!

The new module oriented design, the perfect sine wave shaped output current, dual processor technology and an integrated one-phase sensitive grid monitoring according to the VDEW regulations define new standards resulting in a new era of supplementary grid feeding with PV-plants.


Highest reliability and a lifetime of over 20 years were major aspects taken into account during the design of he Sunny Boy string inverters.

Overload Capability

The power electronics and the heat sinks of the Sunny Boys are well dimensioned in order to allow he Sunny Boy to operate continuously even in surroundings with high ambient temperatures. This means: You can rely on the Sunny Boy string inverter.


The Sunny Boy String inverters each process the power from 6 to 24 modules, depending on the inverter type. This leaves you enough freedom for the individual design of your PV-plant.

Simple Installation

The modules are switched to a string and then connected to the Sunny Boy. DC distribution cases and connection boxes are no longer necessary any more resulting in drastically reduced installation costs.

Connect it Anywhere

The Sunny Boy string inverter can be connected to any available part of the AC distribution system of the house, e.g. in an attic or a similar room.

Mount it Anywhere

The stainless steel case with protection class IP65 and the wide temperature range allow the Sunny Boy to be mounted nearly anywhere. The Sunny Boy can be installed directly on the rack of the PV-modules, on the roof or on the wall of your house A worldwide usage of the inverter is therefore possible.

Diagnosis and Communication via Powerline –no extra cables!

Of course you can communicate with your Sunny Boy. Measurement values and messages are transmitted to a PC on the existing powerline with a socket modem. The Windows based program Sunny Data visualizes he system performance and controls the inverters. You are continuously informed about the situation of your PV-plan .

Best Priced System

The Sunny Boy system technology allows a most reasonably priced plant with simple installation and optimal efficiency.

Experience for the Future

SMA has always been a pioneer in developing and producing inverters for photovoltaic applications. More than 30 MW of total installed inverter power from SMA have defined standards in this technology. This experience was the basis for he development of the Sunny Boy string inverter.

Modern Power Electronics

The power section of the Sunny Boy features a simple and robust design with highest efficiency and continuous reliability. The DC voltage from the PV modules is processed by a MOSFET bridge switched with 16 kHz and is passed on o an AC circuit. This voltage is then directly fed to the AC grid with a transformer.

Digital Monitoring

Digital SCS The control of he current fed to the grid is managed by a one-chip computer which guarantees an perfect sine wave shape current and a minimized harmonic distortion. The sequential control system ensures an automatic operation without losses in standby mode.

Integrated Reserves

The large heat sink ensures a continuous operation with nominal power even in surroundings with high ambient temperatures.

A very wide DC input voltage range of 250 – 600 V DC and the ability to connect up to three parallel strings, allows the system designer to use nearly any module configuration. Experience in Europe has shown that the economically ideal system design is with a PV array size of 2,700 to 3,400 Wp at standard test conditions.

The inverter’s operating data including PV voltage, output power, and daily power production can be viewed using the optional “Sunny Display” – a two line LCD integrated in the lid. In larger PV-systems, data from multiple inverters can be stored and viewed using the SWR-COM plug in modem and a PC or via the stand alone “Sunny Boy Control” data logging devices. Other possible communications options include plug in RS232 and RS485 modules.

You can communicate with your Sunny Boy. Measurement values and messages are transmitted to a PC on the existing power line with a socket modem. The Windows based program Sunny Data visualizes the system performance and controls the inverters. You are continuously informed about the situation of your PV-plant.

The string inverter technology, developed by SMA, has revolutionized PV applications in Europe and made the SMA inverters the favorite of European customers. SMA is the European market leader of inverters with a power range of up to 5 kW. String Technology utilizes a small number of PV-modules connected in series to create a “string“. A small number of strings are connected to individual inverters that feed the electricity of the string directly to the grid. The string inverter concept minimizes the complexity of the DC wiring system and reduces overall system costs. The energy produced by the PV system is combined on the AC side, making system design very simple. Using multiple string inverters, larger PV plants can be easily created with minimal design effort.



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