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Saving Energy

Things have change, it used to be that the average household could cut a third of its energy bill by elimination of phantom loads and switching to energy efficient appliances, equipment and lighting.

Make conservation an obsession!
Our biggest untapped source of energy is the energy we waste.

Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Using energy wisely saves you money while business and industry see increased profits and productivity, conserve energy and  save money while helping make our environment healthier. Energy efficiency is the first step to cost-effective implementation of renewable energy.

You can save approximately three dollars energy production investment for every dollar you invest in energy efficiency. 

With simple power management techniques, a small power system can provide adequate power for home or camp.

Many energy efficient alternatives are available; refrigerators, heating and cooling and lighting are the biggest "energy wasters" in a typical home. 

The Canadian home use between 750-1600 kWh per month.  A very efficient home can reduce this to 130-500kWh per month.  Investing in energy efficiency pays

Where can I save the most?  Change your behaviour and use electricity more wisely. Turn off unneeded lights and devices, insulate your attic, walls, windows and doors, and convert to more efficient appliances while also considering co-generation and energy reclamation.

Make your heating or cooling system work less! Heating and cooling accounts for 54% of home energy consumption.  Don't make your home hotter in winter than you maintain it in summer and vice versa don't keep your home cooler in summer than you find comfortable in winter. 


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