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Sunny Boy 2500 ( or Windy Boy 2500 Sunny Boy Operating Mode "Turbine“ for small wind power plants)

Applicable for grid connection and island grids
- Wide input voltage range
- Freely configurable V/I characteristic curve
- Applicable for outside mounting directly on the mast
- Diagnosis and Communication via grid or radio as well as via cable (RS232 or RS485)
- Extended temperature range -25 °C to +60 °C
- Outstanding efficiency at the whole power range
- Over voltage protection via thermally monitored varistors

Max. input open-circuit voltage [V]


Input voltage, MPP operation [V] DC

224 ... 600

Max. input current [A]


Max. input power [W]


Recommended max. generator power at 5000 full load hours / year [W]


Recommended max. generator power at 2500 full load hours / year [W]


DC Voltage ripple

< 10 % of input voltage

Internal consumption in operation [W]

< 7 ( stand-by)

Nominal output power [W]


Peak output power


Nominal output current [A]


Operating range, grid voltage [V] AC

198 ... 260

Operating range, grid frequency [Hz]

49.8 ... 50.2 / 59.8 ... 60.2

Phase difference

Overvoltage category


Test voltage (50 Hz)

1.4 kV (1/5 s unit / type test)

Internal consumption in stand-by [W]


Max. efficiency [%]

> 94

Dimensions (w x h x d) [mm]

434 x 295 x 214

Weight [kg]


Home Up Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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