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Off grid or being electrically self sufficient does not mean you have to rough it, nor does it mean that your appliances need look like they were designed in the 50's or earlier. 

Your off grid kitchen can feature a large 22 cubic foot stainless propane or a 16 cu. ft. 12/24V DC refrigerator, beautiful stainless steel stove and ovens or stainless counter top range.

Nor does your range have to be sized to miniscule proportions!  The range pictured below is 36" wide, and has six burners, oven, electronic ignition and storage compartment.

We have many modern looking economically priced white goods.  Including propane and NG stoves, stainless steel propane fridges and Solar refrigerators and freezers.


Off grid stoves are not created equally.  The stoves on this page do not require any external electricity but use an internal batter and sparker for ignition of the both the stove top and oven.  Our stoves do not require a conversion from natural gas, are all prepared for propane. 

A word of caution if you're shopping for a stove.  Many gas stoves at box stores and even propane outlets require electricity.  For those off-grid some use an outrageous amount of power to ignite the oven for each and every cycle.  Most gas dryers use this the same ignition method. When a cycle is to start the appliance heats a plate of metal until it is red hot this is called a hot surface ignition system and utilizes a euphemistically named 'glow bar' or 'glow coil'. The gas/air mixture is released and the flame starts another heating cycle. The heat cycle takes about 30 to 60 seconds each time. The way it works is that as power flows through the igniter it heats up and resistance increases. The oven gas valve is on the same circuit, when a specific amount of resistance is reached the oven valve is opened. This is a lot of electrical consumption for an off-grid application!

If you're purchasing your electricity at $0.14/kwh from the seemingly unlimited grid the cost is not high but your battery resource is limited and you will most certainly regret your purchase if your off grid appliance uses this technique to light the oven or dryer or furnace!














Home Up Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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