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Stainless Steel Propane Fridges

UGP-8 UGP-10 UGP-14 UGP-18 UGP-19
Total size: 8.0 cu. ft. 227L Total size: 9.7 cu. ft. 275L  Total size  14.0 cu. ft. 396.5L Total size: 18 cu. ft. 509 LL Total size: 19 cu.ft. 538 L
Fridge Size 6.3 cu. ft. 479L Fridge size 7.6 cu. ft. 215L  Fridge size 10.5 cu. ft. 397 L Fridge size 13.8 cu.ft. 390.8 L Total size: 14.1 cu.ft 399 L
Freezer Size 1.7 cu. ft. 48L Freezer     2.1 cu. ft. 2.1L  Freezer       3.5 cu. ft. 99 LL Freezer size4.4 cu.ft. 124.6 L Freezer size: 4.9 cu.ft. 138.8 L

Unique Off-Grid

  •            Battery Operated Interior Light

  •          Front mounted controls

  •          Reversible doors

  •          Thermostat

  •          Freezer Comes With Powder Coat Finish

  •          Modern interior with 3 glass shelves and 2 crisper drawers

  •          Fuel efficient!


Control & Safety Features

  •                 on / off

  •          Thermostat

  •          Piezo Igniter

  •          Flame Indicator


Alarming device with safety shut-off

Direct Vented (DV) model required indoors within a habitable dwelling in Canada


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