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Unique Cooktops and Rangetop                                      

24" to 36" Cooktops for both OFF-GRID and ON-GRID use

Can be used with Propane (LPG) or Natural Gas (NG)

All Units Feature:

• Battery ignition / AC/DC plug-in ignition

• Sealed burners for easy cleanup

• Durable cast iron burner grates

• Also certified for natural gas

• Elegant design

• Ideal for a cottage


Size 24" 30" 36"
Cooktop Model  UGP-24 CT1 UGP-30 CT1 UGP-36 CT1
Center burner BTU N/A 17,000 17,000
Front Right BTU 17000 10,000 10,000
Front Left  BTU 10000 10,000 10,000
Rear Right BTU 3000 3,000 3,000
Rear Left  BTU 6000 6,000 6,000

W 23.2” x D 20” x H 4.5”

W 30” x D 20” x H 4.5”

W 35.4” x D 20” x H 4.5”


Size 30"
Rangetop Model  UGP-30E CT2


 H 9” x W 30” x D 27.5”

 71 lbs/32 kg

Center burner BTU N/A
Front Right BTU 18000
Front Left  BTU 18000
Rear Right BTU 12000
Rear Left  BTU 12000
Model UGP-30E CT2  Currently available only in Scratch and Dent & used

Home Up Products Saving Energy Glossary Contents About / Contact


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