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Go Berkey Kit

The entire Go Berkey® Kit”  weighs about as much a single litre of water making this new product great for hiking or backpacking.  This new Berkey system allows for a personal continuous passive filtration setup at base camp.  For those who travel often, this lightweight and portable system can be used in the car, hotel room, or remote office.  The Go Berkey Kit is also valuable for vacation destinations where the bacteria in the water is known to be disruptive to non-natives. 

This kit includes a  new small and compact stainless steel housing that comes with 1 Black Berkey Element, 1 Sport Berkey Bottle, and a Vinyl carrying case.   This water filter system becomes the smallest of the Berkey line-up with a volume of 1 Quart. 

  • 304 Stainless Steel filter body

  • Includes 1 Black Berkey filter element

  • Each Berkey water filter element lasts 3000 gallons

  • Produces 1 quart or .95 litres of purified drinking water per hour. Configured with 1 Black Berkey Element, the system can purify one gallon per hour with the upper chamber full the entire time.

  • Gravity flow design needs no water pressure or electricity

  • 0.95 litre storage capacity

  • 14" tall, 4" diameter (10" tall when packed up)

  • The upper chamber nests within the lower chamber for transport and stands only 12” in height

STRATEnerGY Inc. is  authorized by New Millennium's Berkey products as a Canadian Berkey dealer.

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