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Battery Storage

Periods of inactivity can be extremely harmful to lead acid batteries. When placing a battery into storage, follow the recommendations below to insure that the battery remains healthy and ready for use.

Important things to avoid when storing batteries:

Freezing. Avoid locations where freezing temperature is expected. Keeping a battery at a high state of charge will also prevent freezing. Freezing results in irreparable damage to a battery's plates and container.

Heat. Avoid direct exposure to heat sources, such as radiators or space heaters. Temperatures above 80 F (26.6C) accelerate the battery's self-discharge cha
racteristics.  For every additional 15 degrees of heat over 77 deg F (25C) , lead acid battery life is cut in half.  Batteries self-destruct with time, you can only slow that process.

Step by step storage:

  • Completely charge the battery before storing.

  • Store the battery in a cool, dry location, protected from the elements.

  • During storage, monitor the specific gravity (flooded) or voltage. Batteries in storage should be given a boost charge when they show a 70% charge or less.

  • Completely charge the battery before re-activating.

  • For optimum performance, equalize the batteries before putting them back into service. Refer to the Equalizing section for this procedure.

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