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What you can't economically do with solar power

Major electric heat producing appliances;  electric heat, electric hot water, electric stoves, electric heated clothes drier, hot tubs, and air conditioner consume far too much energy to to economically produce with your PV system.  These appliances can account for more than 75% your monthly electric bill.  

It is possible but not always economically practical to operate large eletrical heating and cooling appliances larger than a refrigerator or household freezer with electricity you manufacture off grid unless you are willing to add more system overhead (solar panels and batteries)  or run your generator while these appliances are in use.

As an alternative you can use propane gas for heating and cooking or even lighting in winter. Wood heat is an alternative as well.  Remember, there's noting as ecologically friendly and fresh smelling as using a clothes line to dry your laundry!

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