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Getting started can be a challenge.  There are many things to take into account for system balance.  Think subsistence farming.  You determine how much food (power) you need and the amount of storage you require between crops (battery capacity).  You can then determine the size of your field input balance, capacity, safety, local bylaws and how the system is affected by temperature and location. 

The simple answer is that there are only three of four major components: solar panel(s), charge controller, batteries and inverter (if you require one). It is important to find your personal (solar panels).  Without a balance of input/consumption the system will fail unless you add more input from a generator.

Solar panels at operating temperature produce only 80% of rating, however in the winter, solar panels produce up to 30% more power. Things to think about when setting up a system.

How much solar power is developed is not consistent across Canada, or within each province due to humidity, pollution, dust and overcast skies.  Using Toronto Ontario as an example; Toronto receives the equivalent of about one hour less per day average, 100% irradiance, compared to Sudbury which is 400 km north.  We all know of rain and snow belts.  Natural Recourses Canada has irradiance information for hundreds of locations across Canada.

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