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Stacking Outback Inverters

Outback inverters can be combined for increased performance and versatility.  Not only can you grow your system as you go, but you can also save considerably on standby power consumption by allowing the system to apply as many inverters are required to support an electrical load.  Stacking Outback inverters in parallel increases capacity, stacking Outback inverters in series allows for 240V or three phase power.

Parallel Stacking - More power at same output voltage
When the inverter/chargers are stacked in parallel all inverter and charger outputs are combined. This means that each inverters AC output is added up to equal your total system AC output, up to 36,000 watts, in phase at the same 120 VAC/60 Hz or 230 VAC/50 Hz output voltage. Charging output amperage is also combined in this same manner.

OutBack Series/Parallel Stacking - More power at all output voltages
Series/Parallel stacking or Outback (OB) stacking is unique to Outback inverter/chargers. Never before has it been possible to have inverter/chargers balancing loads intelligently between two legs of AC power while seamlessly changing between series and parallel. OB Stacking uses the X-240 auto transformer to balance the loads between the two separate series legs of a system. The X-240 autotransformer allows AC loads on leg 1 and leg 2 to be powered by any combination of inverter/chargers within your system. Even if there are only two inverter/chargers, connected in series, they can also function as if connected in parallel. This allows larger AC loads to be operated by a system without risking overloading one of the 120 VAC outputs.

Home Up Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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