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About Softening

Water Softeners for Off-Grid

Our water softeners and conditioners adapt to off grid use and can even be powered  directly from a 12V DC source eliminating the standby requirement of an inverter to power the conditioner controls.

All water softeners and conditioners aren't equipped to handle similar conditions and environments.  Which unit will work for you depends on your water conditions, where it comes from and how much water you use.  Purchasing a softener off-the-shelf with an expectation that it will solve your water problem(s) is like firing a gun without aiming it.  To ensure a reasonable result your water should be sent out for testing.

With the proper unit and media not only hardness and manganese can be removed but also iron and hydrogen sulfide.

While all of the units described below are water softeners or conditioners they differ not only in capacity but also differ in the media within and regeneration programming.


Sanitizer Series Conditioner

This is a multi-purpose water treatment system that effectively removes hardness, hydrogen sulphide, iron & manganese; raises pH; and disinfects itself automatically during regeneration, thereby preventing the growth of iron bacteria within the system. This single advanced water treatment system is especially designed for well water with a low pH level and can be described as four systems in one.

The Sanitizer SE1 system is different from conventional softeners as it uses a unique media called the Crystal-Right™ zeolite media. The media is unique in the fact that it is a synthetic zeolite that can handle very high concentrations of chlorine. The Sanitizer cleans and sanitizes itself automatically with each regeneration cycle using the AWP chlorine generator, thereby avoiding the use of chemicals or additives.



CS Series Water Softener

The CS Softener Series are designed to handle most common hard water problems from municipal or well water sources at an economical price. These softeners will provide cleaner glassware, softer laundry, smoother skin and up to a 50% savings in the use of soaps or laundry detergents. Soft water acts to protect the plumbing system and increase the efficiency of water using appliances.

Featuring a fully programmable microprocessor control valve allowing for maximum flexibility. Top and bottom distributor cones are included in the resin tank, avoiding the possibility of resin entering the head and causing technical problems. The brine tanks come standard with safety floats to avoid the possibility of a flood, and a brine board is available in order to avoid bridging in the salt storage tank. 15' of drain line is included for ease of installation.  



FS Series Water Softener

The media are the same as the CS series system, this economy system uses a simpler less expensive control system which is not as economical in the use of salt as the CS series.  

 The FS Series offers a Fleck 5600 valve with Noryl® valve body. The softener valve for each system is available in either calendar clock or mechanical meter versions. Each softener comes assembled with a high grade resin and with both top and bottom distributor cones in the resin tank in order to avoid the possibility of resin entering the head causing future technical problems. The brine tanks come standard with safety floats to avoid possible flooding.

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