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Solar PV Net Metering


Ontario's Microfit program has been cancelled.  Those contractually within the program remain but no new contracts are available.

A Net Metering grid tie system is an electrical generating systems which pushes electrical energy back into the electrical grid through your electrical meter, effectively turning the meter "backwards".  In other terms it can be said that a grid tie system "banks" electrical power within the grid when more electricity is produced than is used.  When electrical demand in the building is greater than the amount of electricity being produced, grid power is consumed to make up required power. This provides the ability to generate some of your own electricity with solar panels usually on the rooftop and reduce your dependence on your utility. A small solar system will “slow the meter down”, reducing the monthly utility bill while larger systems may hold their own or contribute to the grid during the day. This is not a selling back of power but a banking of power against use.

A differently configured and special inverter is required for grid tie systems as electrical phase must be in synchronization with the grid.  There is different logic within a grid tie inverter because electricity is not stored within batteries. Some hybrid systems, but not all grid tie systems, can provide battery backup power in the event of a power failure.

The costs of generating your own power is expensive compared to buying it from your local utility.   Despite low power costs, many people in Canada are installing systems to not only reduce their electrical bill, but also provide backup in the event of a power failure.  A system that does both is termed a hybrid system as it has both batteries and the ability to sell power back to the grid. A link to the latest proposals can be found at on hydro one.

A typical system has a 3 kW solar array installed on a well exposed, south facing area or roof. A 3kW system can generate between 3500 and 4500 kWh of electricity annually depending on location.

Solar Power is a one-time investment  Unlike grid power, electricity produced by your solar doesn't increase in cost thereby protecting you from electricity costs increases. The price of the electricity you generate is based on your initial investment.

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