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These boards have been replaced by the current FLEXware from Outback. 

Inverter packages to simplify the installation of all OutBack products. A Powerboard combines the inverter, safety disconnects, approved wiring of suitable gauge wire, all in a compact and easy to install fully code approved package. SPS will also provide all components for user-wired installations.





Output Voltage


12 VDC

2.8 KW

125 A

120 VAC


12 VDC

5.6 KW

250 A

120/240 VAC


24 VDC

3.5 KW

85 A

120 VAC


24 VDC

7.0 KW

170 A

120/240 VAC


48 VDC

3.6 KW

45 A

120 VAC


48 VDC

7.2 KW

90 A

120/240 VAC





These Powerboards include a rigid aluminum mounting plate which is predrilled for all inverters and disconnects. All wiring is done through large gauge flexible conduit. AC, DC and equipment bonding wiring is all included. Installation of a Powerboard is simple and fast: screw the powerboard to a wall near the batteries, connect the AC output to your breaker panel, the AC input to your generator, and the DC input to the battery back. Includes the Mate remote which can be located on your Powerboard or up to 50 feet away.

For more information on power generating equipment, renewable energy, wind turbines and other off grid systems call 1-888-810-4709 or email info@stratenergy.ca


Home Up Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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