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Morningstar Corporation is a leading supplier of photovoltaic (PV) controllers using advanced technology. Our products are sold in 57 countries through a global network of 163 authorized Morningstar distributors.

Their controllers have set new standards in the industry for quality, high reliability and extended battery life. Last year, they shipped over 150,000 controllers and are in the process of developing several new PV controllers.

Morningstar is a privately owned US corporation. The commercial office is located near Philadelphia, and the engineering lab is in Columbia, Maryland. Morningstar products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility.

Morning Star Products: have been recognized in the international PV markets as the most advanced and highest-quality controllers available as noted below:

  • Morningstar's TriStar™,
  • Relay Driver™,
  • ProStar™,
  • SunSaver™,
  • SunKeeper™ ,
  • SunLight™,
  • SunGuard™
  • SHS™


  • Extremely High Reliability - Failure rates of less than 2 per 1,000 units.
  • Outstanding Battery Charging - PWM charging can double the life of the battery and recover capacity in a sulfated battery. Series design (not shunt) reduces heating and stress on the electronic components.
  • Highest Quality - Manufactured in a fully automated world-class ISO 9001 factory. Quality control using the latest computerized test equipment.
  • Environmental Protection - Rated for ambient temperatures of -40°C to +60°C. Epoxy encapsulated to protect boards from corrosion.
  • Superior Lightning Protection - Use of large 1500W transient voltage suppressors provide faster response to transients and do not degrade over time.
  • No Need to De-rate - Designed with a 25% safety margin, controllers may be used up to their full “nameplate” ratings.
  • Expected 15 Year Life - carry a full 5-year warranty, with an expected operating life of 15 years or more. SHS™ controllers carry a two-year warranty.
  • Easy to Use - Well-written manuals, good technical support by phone or internet, large clearly-marked wire terminals, reverse polarity protected and good LED indicators.

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Home Up Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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