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The Brat is the possibly the most versatile Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) charge controller in its class. Ideal for RVs, marine applications and renewable energy systems such as lighting and water pumping.



  • Selectable charging modes

    20A charger with 10A load control

    30A charger without load control

  • Bulk, Absorb, Float, and Equalize (user adjustable)

  • 0 to 100% PWM, no relays, no fans, no external heat-sink

  • Clear UV stabilized polycarbonate housing; rain and bug proof

  • 12V/24V Flooded, GEL, AGM battery supported Reverse polarity protected

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Auto resetting over temperature protection

  • 8 position switch for main charger settings

  • 16 position rotary switch for lighting controller

  • Four LEDs for Bulk, Float, Load On and Low Battery

  • Patterned blinking LEDs provide feedback about fault conditions

  • Highly customizable lighting controller (dusk-dawn, hourly, day, night, etc.)

  • Load/Test Button

  • 10 second test of the load circuit

  • Requests a manual EQ

  • Resets LED fault notification

  • Field repairable printed circuit board (by a qualified technician)

  • Built in Arlington, WA USA

Midnite Solar Brat Specifications  
Input Voltage Up to 60VDC
Nominal Battery Voltage 12 or 24V - Selectable
Maximum Charger Current 30A as charger only, reduced to 20A if the load controller is used
Charging Regulation Bulk, Absorb, Float as well as Equalization
Equalization Charging Automatic, 15/30V, two hours every 30 days or no EQ
Battery Temp Compensation Automatic - ambient temperature detected through built-in sensor
Status Display Four LEDs for Bulk, Float, Load On and Low Battery/Low-Voltage-Disconnect
Load Circuit Rating 10A max
Main Charger Settings (8 position switch) Supports four battery profiles: GEL, AGM and two Flooded profiles
1 Selectable 12 or 24V
2 Selectable 11 or 11.7V Low Voltage Disconnect (doubles on a 24V system)
3 Low-EMI Mode for sensitive loads
4 Load Control/Charge Control selection switch
5  Auto-Equalize ON/OFF Control
6  Solar Clock Mode: User selectable mode in which lighting run-time
7 automatically adjusts for seasonal daylight. Example: A two hour
8 setting in summer will automatically extend in the winter
Lighting/Load Control  (16 position rotary switch) All modes subject to low voltage disconnect (LVD) Nine Modes for lighting starting at dusk (1-9 hours), selectable in one hour increments
1 Three modes for combination early-night and early-morning lighting.
1a Lights ON for 3 hours after dusk, OFF then ON again for 1 hour before dawn
1b Lights ON for 4 hours after dusk, OFF then ON again for 2 hours before dawn
1c Lights ON for 6 hours after dusk, OFF then ON again for 2 hours before dawn
2 Dawn-To-Dusk Mode (Load ON only during daylight hours)
3 Dusk-To-Dawn Mode (Load ON only at night)
4 24 Hour Mode (Load ON always) except for LVD event
Operating Temperature -40C to 60C (Controller will auto de-rate as temperature rises above 25C )
Environmental Rating Outdoor - weather proof, type 3R/IP55
Weight 1 Lb.
Dimensions 6.75"L x 6"W x 2.375"D
Shipping Dimensions 7"L x 7"W x 3"D
Shipping Weight 2 Lbs.
Warranty 2 Year

Home Up Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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