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Magnum Battery Monitoring

Magnum Battery Monitoring Kit (BMK)

Batteries including flooded lead acid, absorbed glass mat (AGM including VRLA valve regulated lead acid ), and gel batteries over represent and under represent the battery's state of charge.  The term for this is termed surface charge and surface discharge.  Off-grid batteries are in constant use, therefore using voltage as an indication of battery state is misleading.  The only other three methods of than determining battery state is by hydrometer measuring current specific gravity or disconnecting batteries for 3 to 4 hours. Or using a battery monitor.  A Magnum Battery Monitoring Kit (BMK) works with ME, MS, MS-AE and RD Series Inverters.  

How it works:

  • The BMK includes a 500 Amp shunt, the sense module that
    measures the amount of electricity passing both in and out
    of the batteries. 
  • The red and blue communication cable transmits the
    information from the shunt to the sense module
  • The sense module logs and interprets the information .
  • The gray cable (same as telephone plug-in) communicates
    the information to the inverter.
  • Your system will require a remote (either a ME-ARC ore ME-RC)



Magnum Remote Monitor

Magnum has three ME remotes; the basic ME-RC the advanced ME-ARC. The ME-RTR, or “router” has many of the same features as the ME-ARC50 advanced remote with the additional functionality required to parallel Magnum MS-PAE inverter/chargers for greater output. Remotes provide system parameter setup and performance monitoring as well as clear indications of where a problem exists.  For example, a licensed master electrician, when he added an additional outlet made an error and created a dead short i another room.  The inverter when started would immediately turn off. Without a monitor on the system It took hours of investigating to identify the problem.  A remote would have identify the fault failure immediately. Who would suspect a master electrician of such a basic mistake?  There are other very useful programming options, including limiting the power drawn from a generator so that the current draw of the system and charging combined do not exceed the generator's capability thereby causing the generator's breaker to trip. ...and a hundred more examples.

ME-RC                        ME-ARC                        ME-RTR

Home Up Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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