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Freas Hydrometer No.1 kitIf you have Lead Acid Batteries an Accurate Hydrometer is a Must

An accurate hydrometer is  essential to good battery care. Specific gravity is the best measure of a lead acid battery's state.  We know of no better hydrometers than those manufactured by Francis L. Freas Glass Works Inc. Freas hydrometers are guaranteed to remain accurate throughout the entire life of the instrument.

The 'basic' Freas No.1 battery hydrometer measures specific gravity from 1.2501.275 graduated in 0.002 degree. The one ounce rubber bulb and end piece are made from the highest grade acid resistant rubber.

 Freas Hydrometer No.1Freas Hydrometer No.1 box


To secure a correct specific gravity reading of the electrolyte in a battery, the temperature of the electrolyte must be taken into consideration because specific gravity changes with the temperature.  A Hydrometer containing a thermometer for measuring the temperature of liquids is called a thermohydrometer. 


The Freas No.98 Hydrometer Set with Thermometer measures specific gravity from 1.140 to 1.300 graduated in 0.002 degree divisions. The thermometer measures temperature from 30 to 120 F. The two ounce rubber bulb and end piece are made from the highest grade acid resistant rubber.  Overall length of the assembled hydrometer is 18 inches.


Freas Pilot Cell Thermometer

Feas No 119 Pilot Cell thermometer

9" Pilot Cell Thermometer 30120 Deg. Fahrenheit graduated in single degree divisions and numbered every ten degrees. The Freas No. 119  Pilot Cell thermometer also has a specific gravity correction scale in red giving the corrections for the temperature of the electrolyte.



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