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Xantrex AGS
Magnum AGS
Battery Monitor
Morning Star Relay

Generator Start Devices

Generator Start devices will start your generator to charge the batteries based on their state of charge.  Most are designed to work with the a specific inverter.    The Morning Star Relay Driver is a more flexible programmable device which can be used in many more situations.

The Magnum Energy AGS comes in two forms, one integrated within a Magnum inverter/charger the other a stand alone device.

Be careful to match your generator with the proper type of start device.  Some generators require a four-wire start device others a two wire start device.  The difference between the two is that the four wire start type has the generator start control take care of how long the starter will crank.  Generators designed for two wire devices sense when the engine starts and will disconnect the starter themselves.

If your generator is not equipped for remote start, we have generator control devices which you can wire into your generator to allow them to be started remotely.

Home Up Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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