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Sun-Mar Tumble Style Garden Composters for compostable Kitchen and yard garbage do not produce finished compost any faster than a well-managed compost bin or open pile, but then most people don't manage their compost well or at all because it isn't easy or convenient to water and aerate compost in order to maintain a well aerated compost bin or pile.  Most of us leave our compost pile or bin to molder along at a its own sluggish pace.  This process is sometimes referred to as maintaining a cold pile and it takes substantially longer to digest your scraps and garden waste in this way.  

You are far more likely to turn the contents more often in a tumbler than digging compost out of the bottom of a bin or pile and spreading it over the top of the pile or pitch forking and watering your open pile regularly.  Turning the crank introduces air one of the vital ingredients necessary to turn vegetable matter into compost.  If you're interested the other ingredients for composting are nitrogen, carbon and water.

Tumble style composters also have the advantage of retaining moisture better, are odour free and pest resistant. Not only that but our composters are neat, clean and unobtrusive while  speeding the composting process!

Garden Composter 200

New material to be is added by sliding the door on the drum open and dumping the stuff in.  To mix and aerate the compost the drum is turned by gabbing slots in the outside of the drum and pulling them towards yourself.

You remove compost by opening the port at the side and rotate the drum, letting the compost fall into a basket or container.

Specifications :

  • Drum Volume: 195 Liters (approx: 6 bushel or 50 gallon)
  • Height: 31" 
  • Depth: 24" 
  • Overall Length: 33.5" 
  • Product weight: 38 lbs

Garden Composter 400

The Sun-Mar 400 composter is substantially larger as it has a drum volume of 366 litres and can hold 11 bushels of material. In most homes the 400 composter has capacity for garden waste as well as the compostable waste from the kitchen. The 400 is filled in the same manner as the smaller 200 .  However, the drum is turned by turning the horizontal shaft which catches a small gear against the gear teeth on the drum.

Compost is removed in the sum manner as the model 200 composter.


  • Drum Volume: 366 Liters (approx: 11 bushel or 100 gallon)
  • Height: 36"
  • Depth: 28"
  • Overall Length: 42"
  • Product weight: 60 lbs


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Home Up Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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