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Electrical Bonding and Grounding are Extremely Important

Not only is grounding important for safety reasons.  Electrical equipment frequently requires a comparison to a conductor without voltage to operate correctly. A bonded ground connection ensures that all exposed conductive surfaces are at the same electrical potential as the surface of the Earth to avoid the risk of electrical shock if a person touches a device in which an insulation fault has occurred. Grounding ensures that in the case of an insulation fault (a "short circuit"), a very high current flows, which will trigger an over current protection device (fuse, circuit breaker) that disconnects the power supply

From Wikipedia - Electrical bonding is the practice of intentionally electrically connecting all metallic non-current carrying items in a room or building as protection from electric shock. If a failure of electrical insulation occurs, all metal objects in the room will have the same electrical potential, so that an occupant of the room cannot touch two objects with significantly different potentials. Even if the connection to a distant earth ground is lost, the occupant will be protected from dangerous potential differences.

Bonding refers to the fact that in a building with electricity it is normal for safety reasons to connect all metal objects such as pipes together to the mains earth to form an equi-potential zone. This is done in the UK because many buildings are supplied with a single phase supply cable where the neutral and earth conductors are combined. Close to the electricity meter this conductor is divided into two, the earth terminal and the wire going to the neutral busbar in the consumer unit. In the event of a break in a neutral connection this earth terminal provided by the supply company will be at a potential (relative to the true earth) which is the same as the live wire (phase wire) coming to the home.

Examples of articles that may be bonded include metallic water piping systems, gas piping, airplanes, ducts for central heating and air conditioning systems, and exposed metal parts of buildings such as hand rails, stairs, ladders, platforms and floors.

Also from Wikipidia - How Ground Works  In a system with a grounded (earthed) neutral, connecting all non-current-carrying metallic parts of equipment to earth ground at the main service panel, will ensure that current due to faults (such as a "hot" wire touching the frame or chassis of the device) will be diverted to earth. Grounding will allow the branch circuit over current protection (a fuse or circuit breaker) to detect the fault rapidly and interrupt the circuit

Home Up Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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