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Delta Surge Suppressor (they call them Lightning Arrestors)

Models Available:

  • LA 302 DC - DC Protector
  • LA 302      - AC Single Phase 3 wire
  • LA 303 R    - 3 phase light duty 125 - 250V
  • CA 302 R   - AC Protector Rated Voltage - 250V single phase, three wire Voltage to neutral - 125V. An internal automatic discharge circuit is provided.
  • TA 304 Data line - Two Pair, data line circuit protector w/separate ground. Max. Energy: 750 Joules per Line.  Response Time: 5 Nanoseconds

DA302 DC     Design

Silicon Oxide Varistor (SOV)

Maximum Current

60,000 Amps

Maximum Energy

2000 Joules per line

Maximum Number of Surges


Response Time (1 mAmp test)

5 nanoseconds

Response Time to clamp 10,000 Amps

10 nanoseconds

Response Time to clamp 50,000 Amps

25 nanoseconds

Leak Current at Double rated Voltage



18" #12 THHN

Case Material


The basic design of the DELTA silicon oxide varistor (SOV) arrestor is a pair of metal electrodes separated by a silicon oxide compound. Under normal conditions, the silicon oxide is a good insulator so that no line current flows between the electrodes to ground. When an excessively high voltage occurs on the electrodes, the high energy electrical field ionizes the silicon oxide, changing it from a compound to silicon separate from oxygen. Since the silicon ion is a good conductor, the high energy current is conducted to ground. When the voltage falls toward normal, the silicon and oxygen recombine, forming silicon oxide and shutting off the conduction.

The DELTA silicon oxide varistor (SOV) arrestor has no spark gap. Valve arrestors have a spark gap to prevent line leakage current and to determine the spark-over voltage. Since the DELTA silicon arrestor conducts at the ionization potential, no spark gap is needed. This is more effective because spark gaps cause high-intensity voltage spikes which act as surges and damage electrical equipment. The DELTA silicon oxide varistor (SOV) arrestor works equally well in both directions.

Home Up Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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