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DC Refrigeration

Off-Grid Direct Current (DC)  refrigeration does not require external venting as does propane fuelled refrigeration. Refrigeration units with DC powered compressors are smaller in physical size because they do not need the cooling apparatus behind a propane fuelled fridge. Less heat is generated inside with DC refrigeration.  Most people tend to leave their DC refrigerator running when they leave their cabin or camp.  This is because most with LPG fuelled refrigeration are concerned about running out of propane fuel when they are gone. 

When first turned on DC compressor based refrigeration cools down faster than propane fuelled refrigeration. A propane fridge or freezer takes from 4 to 6 hours to come to operational temperature.  Cottagers with solar power and DC refrigeration tend to leave their refrigeration units on all the time because they don't have to concern themselves with the cost of propane or running out of propane especially when away from cottage/camp for a week or more.   

You require a solar system and the associated cost to support DC refrigeration which can be avoided when you use propane to fuel refrigeration. 

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