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Iota Chargers

Battery Chargers and Charging

The most effective Battery chargers are microprocessor controlled for fast and accurate charging of all deep-cycle  batteries.

Proper maintenance of an off-grid battery system is extremely important.  It should therefore not be surprising that some of the best and most cost effective battery chargers are frequently integrated into inverters.  We have in fact used Magnum modified sine wave inverters as just  battery chargers because of their price performance as battery chargers. Inverters typically have good three or four stage (bulk, absorb, float and equalize) battery charging cycles.

When  selecting a battery charger to charge your off grid (flooded cell) batteries  you want a the bulk charge capacity of the battery charger to be at least 10% of the battery array 20 Ampere hour rating. Surrette, the battery company, suggests a 30% rate for optimum charging.  For GEL and AGM batteries stay within 10% of the battery array's 20 Ahr rating.

Home Up Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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