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Annual Average Wind Speed (AWS) - is the average of all instantaneous wind speeds for a location over the course of a year.

Annual energy output (AEO) - is the total energy produced by a wind turbine over the course of a year.

Anemometer - is a device used to measure wind speed.

Cut-in wind speed - is the lowest wind speed (at hub height) at which the turbine starts to produce power.

Current -is the rate at which electricity flows through a conductor; measured in amps (A).

Direct current -( DC ) electric current which flows in only one direction in a wire. Our turbines and batteries are DC.

Free standing tower -is a tower that does not use external supports, such as guy wires.

Guy anchor - is a foundation designed for guy wire connection.

Guy cable - is a cable or wire used as a tension support between a guy anchor and a tower.

Guyed tower - is a tower that uses external guy supports

Guyed tower - is a tower that uses external guy supports

Hub -is the fixture for attaching the blades or blade assembly of a HAWT to the rotor shaft.

Hybrid System - is a term used to describe an alternative energy system which uses multiple charging sources such as wind, micro hydro generators.

Mean wind speed - is the statistical mean of the instantaneous value of the wind speed averaged over a given time period which
can vary from a few seconds to many years.

Power curve - is a graph that depicts the power output of a wind turbine as a function of wind speed.

Power output - is the amount of power produced by a wind turbine at a given speed.

Rotor - is the set of blades of the wind turbine including the hub.

Rated wind speed - is the specified wind speed at which a wind turbine's rated power is achieved.

Rayleigh wind speed distribution - is a statistical curve whose shape approximates the actual shape of a wind speed distribution curve. It is used as a standardized distribution curve to estimate the energy production performance of a wind turbine.

Rotor speed - is the rate of rotation of a wind turbine rotor about its axis.

Tower - is the structure of a wind energy system that supports the rotor and power train, etc., above the

Voltage - is a measure of the electric potential difference between two points; usually
expressed as volts (V). ground.

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