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Trace Transformer


An autotransformer can be used for step-up, step-down, generator and split phase output balancing or as a series stacked inverter to load balancing auto-former.

Step up: Provides power 240 VAC loads from a single 120 VAC inverter/charger. This is frequently used for powering deep well pumps or other dedicated high power 240 VAC loads.

Step down: Allows connection of a large 120 VAC load to the output of a stacked pair inverters (120/ 240 VAC). This results in the inverters sharing the load, allowing higher performance and efficiency. This solution can also be applied to a generator allowing it to provide its entire power to your inverter/battery charger.






 Generator Balancing


 Outback Inverter Balancing



 pictures copy write and courtesy of Outback power

For 120 or 240 VAC 60 Hz single phase systems only.

Home Up Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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