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SMA inverters for Off Grid Applications


Sunny Island 5048U for Off Grid Hybrid Applications (Solar and Wind)   and

Sunny Island 4248U for Off Grid Solar Applications

The Sunny Island systems are suitable for systems from 3kW to 26kW is a great solution for hybrid (4048U) or all-PV (4248U)  all off-grid applications which require high quality electricity based on renewable energy sources. Its reliable design with intuitive interface with integrated data logger is ideal for use particularly in special climatic conditions.

Sunny Island technology is based on advanced power electronics and state-of- the-art DSP microprocessor and is designed for extreme surge power capability. The Sunny Island can generate 3 to 4 times the nominal power for a short period of time in order to start electric motors such as water pumps and compressors.

The Sunny Island product range is compatible with the Sunny Boy monitoring systems and can therefore be integrated into nearly any SMA monitoring system. The available monitoring systems range from simple data acquisition on site to integration of web based monitoring using the Sunny Portal.


Sunny Island – 5048U Specifications

Output Data

Nominal AC voltage (adjustable)

120 V (105 V – 132 V)

Grid frequency adjustable

55 Hz – 65 Hz

Continuous AC output at 25 °C / 45 °C

5000 W / 4000 W

Continuous AC output at 25 °C for 30/5/1 min

6500 W / 7200 W / 8400 W

Nominal AC current

41.7 A

Max. current

150 A (for 100 ms)

Output voltage harmonic distortion factor

< 3 %

Power factor

–1 to +1

Input Data

Input voltage (range)

120 V (80 V – 150 V)

Input frequency

54 Hz – 66 Hz

Max. AC input current (adjustable)

56 A (2 A – 56 A)

Max. input power

6.7 kW

Battery Data

Battery voltage (range)

48 V (41 V – 63 V)

Max. battery charging current

120 A

Continuous charging current

100 A

Battery capacity

100 – 10 000 Ah

Charge control

IU0U with automatic full and equalization charge

Efficiency / Power Consumption

Max. efficiency (typical)

95 %

Own consumption with no load (standby)

25 W (< 4 W)

Protection type



UL 1741 / UL 1998

Device protection Interfaces

short-circuit, overload, over temperature
2 LEDs, 4 buttons, 2-line display, 2 multifunction relays, RS485 / RS232 / CAN electrically separated (optional), MMC/SD card

Physical Attributes

Width / height / depth

18.4 / 24.1 / 9.3 inch (467 / 612 / 235 mm)


139 lbs (63 kg)


Ambient temperature

–13°F ... 122°F (–25 °C ... +50 °C)


5 years


Ext. battery temperature sensor


“GenMan” generator manager




Home Up Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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