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The KID is the most versatile medium sized 30 Amp MPPT charge controller on the market and ideal for small renewable energy systems.  The KID allows for true input paralleling. As your power needs grow and you want to add more PV modules to the array add a second KID. This will give twice the power from a single array. On the same wire that comes in from your solar panels.

MORE POWER - As your power needs increase, add an additional Kid and more solar panels to your array for twice the power from a single run of PV wires.
AUTO GENSTART (AGS) - ​ The Kid is available with a 2-wire Smart AGS. The Kid Smart AGS will start a generator and then monitor the batteries to ensure proper charging. If the AGS fails to charge, the generator will be turned off saving fuel. AGS is user adjustable.
BATTERIES - The Kid ​can charge 12, 24, 36 or 48 volt battery banks. It supports charging traditional flooded, AGM or Gel batteries and newer technologies such as Lithium and Calcium SMF.
LOAD CIRCUIT - A unique feature of the Kid is the load circuit. This versatile feature can be used for many purposes including running well pumps, electric fences, or billboard lights​ in remote areas​.
LOAD DUMPING - The Kid has a mode that allows excess energy coming in from the PV array to be diverted to run hot water heaters or other electrical loads. This feature ensures you get the most out of your Kid during times of peak energy production.
CUSTOMIZABLE LIGHTING CONTROLLER - The Kid sports a highly customizable lighting controller. It can be set to turn on automatically at dusk, off at a specified time, and then back on at another preset time and off automatically at dawn. This is called Dusk Plus and Dawn Minus. Using Dusk Plus and Dawn Minus has the distinct advantage of saving battery power. This setting is great for accent lighting in residential areas or for running grow lights in greenhouses.
LCD & LED MONITORING - All parameters of your Renewable Energy System can be monitored right from the LCD display.​ LEDs indicate if your batteries have been fully charged in the last 2 weeks, numerical read outs show PV input and battery voltage, as well as state of charge.
CURRENT SENSING MODULE - Add the Whizbang Jr, our current sense module to the mix and you have a complete State of Charge Meter.


  • MPPT Tracking
  • True paralleling - Inputs and Outputs for two KIDs
  • Up to 150V input
  • Now available with Auto Gen-Start
  • MidNite's exclusive HyperVOC extends the input voltage beyond 150 VOC for cold climates
  • 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V battery output
  • Lighting Controller: dusk+hours, daylight and night-light settings
  • Up to 30 amps battery output
  • No fan
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Battery Temp Sensor standard with marine version
  • Front panel exchangeable fuses for battery, input and load/clipper.
  • 3 LED bar graph for battery status at a glance
  • Keypad for access to extensive menu items and set points
  • Includes wall mount adapter (Boat mount bracket included on marine versions)
  • Sealed for harsh environments
  • THE KID IS CERTIFIED TO UL1741, UL458 (MARINE SUPPLEMENT) & CSA With the UL458 marine supplement, THE KID meets very strict
  • vibration, environment, and thermal requirements.
  • Built in Arlington, WA USA
Midnite Solar KID MPPT Charge Controller Specifications
Operating Input Voltage 150 VDC
Nominal Battery Voltage 12V through 48V
Maximum Output Current 30A
Auto Gen-Start YES
PV Open Circuit Voltage VOC 150VDC + HyperVOC (162VOC)
HyperVOC (See page bottom) Extended VOC range for cold climates
Charging Regulation Bulk, Absorb, Float as well as Equalization
Battery Voltage Range 9V TO 64V
Equalization Charging Adjustable Voltage and Duration
Battery Temp Compensation Automatic when BTS is installed, Adjustable mV per
(Standard marine version - optional otherwise) degree C per 2 volt cell
Programmable Auxiliary Control Output 1 - I/O communication port
Whizbang Jr. Communication Port YES
Status Display LCD plus status LEDs
Networking Cabling Standard 4 conductor phone cable, no hub needed
Communications RS232 openly published protocols and USB
Load Terminal 30A configurable as battery load or wind clipper
Solar Standard
Wind & Hydro NO (standard on the WIND KID MPPT Charge Controller)
Operating Temperature Min. of -40C to 50C - Controller will auto derate as temperature rises above 25C
Environmental Rating Indoor IP52 type 1 (IP53 with drip shield)
Conduit knock Outs 2
Warranty 2 Year
Lighting Controller Highly customizable via keypad (dusk+hours, daylight and night-light)
Weight 6 Lbs.
Dimensions 9 1/4"L x 5"H x 3 5/16"W (23.5CM x 12.7CM x 8.4CM)
Shipping Dimensions 12"L x 8"H x 6"W (30.48CM x 20.32CM x 15.24CM)
Options 3ft. network cable, external load, boat mount bracket
Certifications ETL for US & Canada, CE Certified, FCC Class B, CSA C22.#107.1
True Paralleling Inputs and Outputs between 2 units with smart active current sharing
UL1741 & UL458 (Marine Supplement) With the UL458 marine supplement, THE KID meets very strict vibration, environment, and thermal requirements
HyperVOC: A non-operative VOC safety zone over and above the maximum input voltage for cold climates.


Home Up Home Products Glossary Contents About / Contact


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