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Surge Protection You Can Count On!

MidNite Solar Surge Protection Devices (SPD) are Type 2 device per UL1449 rev3, NEC 2011 Article 285 designed for indoor and outdoor applications.  Engineered for both AC and DC electrical systems they provide protection to service panels, load centers and electronic devices that are directly connected to a MidNite Surge Protection Device.


  • Environmental Rating - Type 4X (Outdoor)

  • Warranty - 5 yrs.
  • Listed by ETL for US & Canada
  • Made in the USA
Surge Current Rating per Phase 57kA
Short Circuit Current Rating 115kA
T-MOVs 8
Fusing Individually fused MOVs
Thermal Fusing Yes
Over current Fusing Yes
Operating Frequency 0 to 60 Hz
Mechanical Description
Enclosure Polycarbonate UL94V-0
Environmental Rating Type 4X
Connection Method #12 AWG
Weight 1 lb.
Mounting Method 1/2” Conduit Knockout
Operating Altitude Sea Level - 12,000’ (3,658 Meters)
Storage Temp -40o F to +185o F (-40o C to +85o C)
Operating Temp -40o F to +185o F (-40o C to +85o C)
Blue status LED, one per leg  
Listings and Performance
UL Standard for Safety, UL 1449 Surge Protective Devices-Third Edition
CSA C22.2 No. 8-M1986 Electromangetic Interference (EMI) Filters, Fourth Edition


With lightning you only get one chance. so get the best!.

The SPD is offered in four different voltages to maximize the required protection level. Protection is achieved by reducing the clamping voltage to a safe level that your system can sustain without damaging any electronics in the system. The MidNite SPD are designed to clamp a 115,000 amp surge! Blue LED’s provide visual indication of operation from a distance.

Nominal Voltage 0 to 90 VAC
0 to 115 VDC
0 to 250 VAC 0 to 300 VDC 0 to 485 VAC
0 to 600 VDC
MCOV 180V (162-198) 470V (423-517) 470V (423-517) 780V (702-858)
Clamp Voltage @ 100A
Current 8/20 μs
295V 775V 775V 1290V
Energy Absorption
In Joules
1120 J (Full Device)
560 J (Each Section)
3130 J (Full Device)
1560 J (Each Section)
3130 J (Full Device)
1560 J (Each Section)
4320 J (Full Device)
2160 J (Each Section)
Suggested Placement Up to 90 VAC circuits,
12V, 24V, 48V DC
battery circuits
120/240 VAC circuits Off-grid PV combiners
Charge controller inputs
up to 300VDC
316V/480 VAC circuits
Grid-tie PV combiners
Grid-tie inverter input
Non-Isolated Inverters
Diagnostic Blue LED MNSPD-115, MNSPD-300-AC and MNSPD-300-DC
LED indicates when voltage is present between L1+Ground and L2+Ground
LED indicates when voltage is present between L1+L2 (PV + PV-)
Thermal Disconnector          -  Internal Fuse
Response time                        <1 micro sec.


Model No. Max Operating
Surge Current
per Phase
Configuration MCOV SCCR VPR 600V/3kA
MNSPD-115 90VAC/115VDC 57kA 1 O, 3-wire (2 Legs) 180V L-N 115kA 330V
MNSPD-300-AC 250VAC 57kA 1 O, 3-wire (2 Legs) 470V L-N 115kA 880V
MNSPD-300-DC 300VDC 57kA 1 O, 3-wire (2 Legs) 470V L-N 115kA 880V
MNSPD-600 485VAC/600VDC 57kA 1 O, 3-wire (2 Legs) 780V L-N 115kA 1500V

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