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What's In The Box - Central Systems

Vent Stacks

One of the main tasks is the installation of the vent stack, which is included with all units.

The vent kits included in the shipping carton are sufficient for installation in most single story buildings. If more is needed they are normally easy to find. All vent pipes are thin-wall PVC.

For more vent stack installation information, click here.

Toilet Installation

The second main task of installing a central unit is the waste piping installation. Click here for full information on how to do this.


All electric units are supplied with a power cord and pre-molded plug which connects to a standard (3) pin 115 Volt outlet and powers both the fan and heating element. 12 Volt fans for non-electric models can be installed in-line with the stack, and connected to a battery which draws from an alternate source of energy, such as a solar panel. Drains Central units are all fitted with 1" drains, which should be connected to an approved drain pit, container, or other facility. Click here for more information on handling excess liquid.

Winter Use

SUN-MAR units serve as a reliable year-round facility when prepared for continuous or periodic use during the cold winter months. If you use your cabin only once in a while in the winter, the unit may be used as a holding tank during this time. If your SUN-MAR will be in use every weekend in the winter, or in a residence, the temperature must be kept above 55 degrees F at all times to keep the compost going. Click here for more information on winter use.

What's In The Box?

Click here to see what parts are included with your Sun-Mar.

Rough-In Dimensions

Please click here to get rough-in dimensions for all central composting toilet systems.

12 Volt Fan

Click here for more information on the 12 Volt Fan and its installation.


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