Effective use can be made of wind power generally starting at 10 mph. or about 16 kph. A wind energy system usually needs an average annual wind speed of at least 15 kph. It is almost more important to match the performance characteristics of the wind generator with the winds at your location than the size of the wind generator with your electrical needs.  Just because there is wind and the propeller is spinning doesn't mean electricity is being produced.

One of the first steps is to determine if a wind energy is feasibly by finding out how much wind energy is available. This is done with a measuring device called an anemometer. Anemometers come in all sizes and forms.  Before you purchase a device best suited for the handlebars of a child's bicycle consider the tens of thousands of dollars investment.  With data logged over time a wind speed distribution curve, a chart of the number of hours wind blows at various speeds can be produced.

Most Canadian locations in have occasional strong winds while prevailing winds are lighter  . In many Canadian locations, a wind turbine is an excellent supplement to a solar electric system. Small wind systems are often combined with photovoltaic because seasonal variations in wind and solar resources are complementary.  Most places in Canada do not have adequate wind to use it as a primary power source.


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