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Wind turbines have moving parts. Periodic maintenance of bearings, brushes, slip rings and shafts is required at least annually.  It is important when installing a wind generator to consider how easy it will be to access the generator for maintenance.

Wind turbines may be subject to severe storm winds that could cause damage. Two bladed models are more vulnerable than smaller fan blades due to extra vibration caused by the interface when the blade passes the tower. Blades of Synthetic materials are more durable than wooden blades.

In very high winds, the wind generator should be switched off.

Long cable lengths with wind systems are common due to tower height and distance from the main structure.  Consider using higher voltages and heavier gauge wire to keep line losses to a minimum .

Unfortunately manufacturers do not rate their wind generators by a single industry standard. Some produce more power at lower rpm than  others.  If low winds are frequent in your area you should look for this characteristic.  It is best to compare wind turbine output curves for measured performance at each wind speed.

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