Combining wind and photovoltaics in hybrid systems are quickly becoming the standard in renewable energy installations. This is due to seasonal fluctuations of both wind and solar energy resources that make it an ideal combination.

Southwest Windpower is based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Just an hour and half from the Grand Canyon and an hour from Sedona.  A world leader in the production of small 400-3000 watt wind generators recently announced the introduction of its utility tie version of its 1000 watt Whisper turbine. “Our markets have traditionally been for the off-grid application such as a remote cabin or mountain top telecom system” says Andy Kruse the company’s Vice President. “The grid tied systems simply hook directly up to the house and reduce the user’s monthly electrical bill ... the systems are virtually maintenance free."

Wind Turbine:

Southwest Windpower’s Whisper Link system combines seamless grid connected performance with reliable, smooth and quiet operations. Rated for 1000 watts of power, the Whisper can reduce and in some situations eliminate the utility power required while spinning the meter backwards. All Whisper wind turbines come with a five year warranty.

AIR-X Land:

Ideal for home and cottage power systems, the AIR-X will add to a solar charging system by providing power when the weather is at its worst. A built-in regulator prevents battery overcharging, and output voltage is user adjustable to different battery types. Mounts on a 1.5” pipe.


AIR-X Land, AIR-X Marine, AIR Industrial

Rated Power

400 watts @45 kph

Blade Diameter

115 cm / 45"


5.9 kg / 13 lbs


12, 24 or 48 (specify)

Stop Switch


Installation of AIR 403 wind generators requires a stop switch to short circuit the output for servicing or to prevent over-speed conditions. The short circuit acts like a brake and slows the wind generator rotation down enough to stop the blades by hand. The Stop Switch also provides over-current protection on the wiring and can be installed anywhere between the wind generator and the batteries.


Wind Turbine Tower


The new Wind Generator Towers from Southwest Windpower are available in 8 meter/ 27’ and 14 meter/ 45’ guyed tower kits. Installation can be completed in a few hours. Kits provide everything needed: base connector, bolts, locknuts, cable thimbles, clamps and base staples. Pipe and anchors not included.


Roof Mount Wind Turbine Tower

Roof mounting is the simplest method of securing your wind turbine.  However, noise and vibration are often a problem.   AIR Roof Mount Kit includes vibration isolators that Southwest Windpower advertises as reducing noise and vibration by 80%.  All kits include everything the installation calls for except 1.875” OD pipe and mounting bolts. Available with or without the roof seal.


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