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Reflecting Heat
Reusing Heat

The products listed at left are a few more ways to save or reclaim energy or water.

To reiterate suggestions we've provided on other pages:

  • Consider using a clothesline instead of a clothes dryer.

  • Turn lights off when you are not using them!

  • Replace older incandescent fixtures with compact fluorescent lights.

  • Manage your thermostat wisely. Don't overheat in winter and overcool in winter. As a rule of thumb the energy required is measured by the square of the difference between inside and outside temperature. This means a 4 degree difference is a power factor of 16 and an 8 degree difference is a power factor of 64! The bigger the difference the more energy required.

  • Windows:

    • Use insulating curtains

    • chalk drafts

    • use temporary shrink-plastic window applications to make a storm window

  • Close off rooms and areas of your house you don't use.  If there's no door, even a thin plastic drop sheet will make a barrier to heat and cold.

  • Avoid Phantom loads,

    • use power bars to turn things completely off,

    • if you're designing a home or cottage add switches for all your kitchen's electrical plugs

    • don't design light switches to turn on multiple lights each time if you probably only need one.

    • don't leave those "wall warts" or cube transformers plugged in when you're not using them.

  • ...


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