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Reflecting Heat

Like all good ideas, simple concepts executed as simple products create the best solutions.

Windows are usually the weak point within the building envelope. Eighty percent of all heat movement is due to radiance and most windows and window treatments are incapable of controlling radian heat movement.

In'Flector was invented in Canada in 1983.  There are now more than 10,000 buildings in south-western Ontario with screens installed.  As an example of one audited success story; the War Amps office saved more than 500kW per day in summer and 250kW daily in winter in their first year.

Roller and Panel Shades

Laminated to a layer of clear polyester, with silvered polyester on one side and dark Mylar on the other and perforated for visibility these shades can reduce summer heat gain by 70% while blocking 92% of UV is blocked throughout the year.  Additionally customers report additional privacy and diminished traffic noise without losing their view through their windows.


Placed inside a window as either roller shades or panels, they these shades are mounted dark side out in winter to heat your room as they act as a passive solar panel.  With the sun shining on your window they radiate the equivalent of a 600 Watt heater to the room.  (Four (4) square feet generates 2096 BTU)


In summer with the silver side facing outwards to repel heat these shades can reduce heat gain by 70%.

Cost Payback

Here's the best news. Your investment will have a payback within 2-4 years!

Home Up Products Saving Energy Glossary Contents About / Contact


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