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Ready Reserve Foods pricing, shipping and tariffs

We are the official Canadian dealer for Ready Reserve Foods® and sell all RRF products for the same price as Ready Reserve charges in the United States.  As a value added dealer we organize shipping and all forms and documents required to clear your order, so that it crosses the Canadian border with minimal delay.  We keep current with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency requirements and documentation as they continually change and are familiar with Canadian Border Services import documentation requirements.

To finalize your order we provide you with a shipping quote.  To ensure your food products are always fresh every order is packaged and assembled by Ready Reserve as the order is received and is shipped directly to you from the RRF facility.

With proper documentation Canada allows many US products to come in without tariff but Canada charges a considerable tariff (up to 295% !) on others.  Our pricing spreadsheet details the full cost of every product so that you know the full cost of every item allowing you to avoid high tariff items if you wish to do so.

Prices and Pricing

Because the US exchange changes daily and tariffs change periodically, we decided not to attempt to change our website daily but to share a MS Excel pricing spreadsheet with all Canadians interested in prices and product ordering. Our pricing spreadsheet can be requested from Linda.  The spreadsheet also has a place to enter the US "buying" exchange rate of the day, so you have a good idea of your real costs. You will be able to add & subtract items until you are comfortable with your spreadsheet order. Then simply email it to us.

Order Processing

We will review the spreadsheet you send back to us identifying items you may have missed and errors if any.  When you firm up your order with a payment the exchange rate of that day will be applied to your order. You can pay us in US dollars by Paypal or by cheque if you prefer to avoid currency exchange.  Purchases in Canadian dollars can be made by money order, cheque or credit card.


Shipping cost is determined by weight, volume/bulk and type of destination.  When you decide your order is correct we need your postal code and type of shipping location to give you a no obligation shipping quote.  It is less expensive to ship to a commercial location.  If you have a business or retail address to which you can have your shipment directed, you can avoid shipping surcharges for residential delivery, rural and power tailgate drop-off etc.

About Importing Food and Tariff Charges

We won't regale you with horror stories of products stuck at the border as clients and US distributors attempted to bring food into Canada.  Successfully bringing food into Canada is all about understanding and meeting the the requirements of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Canada Border Services. We have that expertise. 

We arrange the shipment, create, assemble and present the required documentation to clear the goods with Canada Customs.  Your responsibility is to ensure the shipment has arrived in good order before you sign the shipping receipt.  It is extremely difficult to successfully claim for shipping damages after you have signed for receipt of the goods in good condition. See our Receiving Instructions pdf

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