Off Grid Generators

Off Grid generator applications are critical,  in the case of failure they require immediate and local parts and service availability.   Off grid backup generators are frequently put to prime power service.  Our generators and engines are supported nationally.   We configure many of our diesel engines with glow plugs and some with preheated intake air for easier cold weather, winter starting. 

If your present generator doesn't have some of these features, don't despair, some of these features can be added to your existing generator. 

Special Adaptations

Zero Standby current draw

Special solutions are required for Off Grid applications because these  cannot afford the small current draw from an engine controller consuming battery power while on standby.  We have a solution for automatic start with zero standby current draw thereby removing the need for continuous use of a battery charger.

Fuelled Block Engine Heaters

Electric block heaters are impossible to support off-grid.  We can source and supply propane  engine heaters to help the generator start in extreme cold situations. 

Remote Start

Almost all of our custom generators are configured for remote starting.  Off grid clients already have propane tanks for water and residential heating and propane generators can have their generators configured to start from a signal sent from your inverter when battery storage is low or demand exceeds inverter output.

Generator Starting based on System Battery Voltage

If your present inverter is not equipped to start when your battery when voltage drops we have solutions to start the generator and shut it down with your preset high voltage is reached.  If your generator isn't equipped to start and shut down based on a remote signal we an supply or install a generator controller to allow the generator to start while unattended.

Balanced Generator Loading

Most off grid installations operate with a single inverter.  The inverter is used to charge the system batteries when they are low.  There is a problem.  Most generators produce 240V power ,however, the inverter uses only 120V AC power.  In effect, the inverter can only access half the generator's power resource. 

A typical 6kW generator therefore only has 3kW or expressed otherwise, out of a total of 27A available from a 6kW generator (at 240V) only 27 Amps is available at the 120V receptacle available to the inverter for charging of the battery array.  We can optionally wire your custom generator (at no charge) to produce all of their electricity at 120V thereby providing you with the full power from generator available to your inverter for battery charging.

There is a second important reason to balance your generator load. A generator with a balanced load operates more efficiently.  If one 'side' of the generator is overloaded while the other is not, you may encounter problems with dropping voltage on the overloaded side.  The electrical windings within the overloaded side can overheat and damage the generator itself.


If you already have a generator and it can only develop full power at 240V we have a solution for you as well.  We have autotransformers that will convert 120/240V power to 120V power with double the amperage available allowing you to use your entire generator power to charge your batteries. 


Don't forget about cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power generation. Co-generation can reduce your cost of power by more than 100%.


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