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Laundering clothes off grid has long been a problem.  A modern high-speed spin washing machine uses about 1000 Watt hours for a complete normal cycle. This is not an issue to medium and larger systems but smaller systems will find that three or four loads per week may tip their requirement to a larger system.

 ALL gas dryers unfortunately a use hot plate ignition to light each cycle and for safety control.  When a cycle is to start the appliance heats a plate of metal until it is red hot this is called a hot surface ignition system and utilizes a 'glow bar' or 'glow coil'. The gas/air mixture is released and the flame starts another heating cycle. The heat cycle takes about 60 to 90 seconds each time. The way it works is that as power flows through the igniter it heats up and resistance increases. The oven gas valve is on the same circuit, when a specific amount of resistance is reached  the oven valve is opened.

A modern propane fueled dryer with a normal load consumes approximately 180 Watt hours of power per load.

Off-Grid Semi-Automatic, Portable Washing Machine

Unique the company that also sells propane fridges & stoves and DC powered fridges and freezers came up with a 24V DC powered washer, spin-dry unit last year. Because it was new and mechanical we elected to hold off selling this item for a year.  ...just to make sure there were now early "teething" problems. All was good!

 Designed/sized for apartment use (with AC/DC converter, sold separately) or off-grid at the cottage via battery/solar panel power, the Unique portable DC washing machine is the perfect on-grid/off-grid laundry solution. With a wash capacity of 18 lbs and a spinner capacity of 11 lbs, this semi-automatic system connects to a standard faucet and features 2 wash settings (gentle/normal), an adjustable timed spin cycle and an efficient pump-powered drain.    


  • Energy efficient dual tub washing machine is perfect for off-grid use with solar system, or apartment use with AC/DC converter (AC/DC converter sold separately)
  • Lightweight, easy to move where needed
  • 2 wash settings (gentle/heavy duty)
  • Adjustable timed spin cycle
  • Hooks up to standard faucet
  • Pump-powered drain
  • Compact and modern design, easy to store
  • Manual drain to regulate flow for septic beds


  • Capacity Washer: 8.0 kg/ 18 lbs
  • Capacity Spinner: 5.0 kg/ 11 lbs (to 13,000 RPM)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 88.9 cm x 80 cm x 47.5 cm (35 x 31.5 x 18.7)
  • Weight: 20 kg/ 44 lbs
  • DC Power: 24V
  • Power Consumption: 0.19 kw/h
  • Input Wash Power: 160W/30W
  • Water Consumption: Variable upon requirement
  • Connections: Battery gator clips

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