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We are proud to announce we are now a dealer for Nature Clean® Products. 

For people who are environmentally responsible we have a line of wonderful Canadian made environmentally safe cleaners for laundry, dishwashing, automatic dishwasher, floors & bath and abrasive cleaning, natural disinfectants and fruit & veggie wash.

Products made without suspected carcinogens

Septic & Grey Water Safe

Nature Clean® products are 99.9% biodegradable in 28 days and no animals are used for production or testing! These products are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

We also  offer to refill your containers!  What an amazing way to help protect the environment by discarding less plastic.  We will refill any clean, dry container whether it is plastic or glass.  We will charge you only for what you receive.  Our pricing is per liter but we will calculate portions of a liter.   




     Kitchen -- dishes  produce wash 

     Personal Care

     Household cleaners



Doing the laundry shouldn't pollute your health!

natureclean® Laundry Care Products are made from vegetable based ingredients – not petroleum!
Ingredients for traditional detergents come from the petrochemical industry (the same non-renewable resources used to make gasoline). The detergents can contain suspected carcinogens, and ingredients that do not fully biodegrade. They may contain things like chlorine bleaches, optical brighteners, powdered enzymes and synthetic fragrances or dyes (even in some of the so-called “fragrance-free” brands). Some detergents may contain even nastier ingredients like ammonia, ethanol, napthalene and phenol.

Detergent residues on clothes and bed linens can be a source of skin irritation and lingering scents from these products can cause respiratory illness and other allergic reactions. Here’s a little known fact: Petroleum-based detergents cause more household poisonings than any other household product, when ingested by children.

Produce Wash
Wash fruits and veggies, even organic, with more than just water.

Each year, far more people are sickened by (contaminated) fruit and vegetables than by beef and poultry combined.” Strange Fruit by Lori Miller Kase, Self, June 2004.

You are what you eat! These famous words were never more important than today. Strong evidence suggests that the amount of toxins in and on our food is increasing. Most pesticide residue can’t be removed with water alone. Pesticides are water-resistant so they won’t get washed away by rain or tap water. Even organic produce is not immune. It can be exposed to everything from contaminated rain or irrigation water, animal feces, fertilizers or bacteria from human contact.

Household Cleaning
Which household products likely contain carcinogens (cancer-causing agents)?

“In the 1930s, 1 in 10 Canadians could expect to develop cancer over their lifetime. By the 1970s that number had risen to 1 in 5.”The CancerSmart Consumer Guide, LEAS, 2004

“In the next generation, one in two Canadians will be diagnosed with Cancer. One in two!” Canadian Cancer Society CBC MARKETPLACE Chasing The Cancer Answer Broadcast: March 5, 2006

Very simply, a carcinogen is a substance that can cause cancer. In the1960s, the UN-based International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) began to study a vast number of chemicals and list those found to be carcinogens. The chart on below shows a few of the chemicals identified by IARC as potential hazards, along with the products in your home where you are likely to find them. Use this list to eliminate or at least reduce your exposure to these chemicals.


Traditional Products      

    Chemical Name                        Health Concern                       
Plug-in air fresheners Formaldehyde A carcinogen. Forms when it comes in contact with an electronic air cleaner or excess ozone in your home
Powdered Cleansers Silica (finely ground quartz) A carcinogen (when in powder / dust form)
Powdered Laundry Detergents NTA (Trisodium Nitrilotriacetate) Possible carcinogen (Environmentally harmful substitute for phosphates)
Spray Cleaners, Degreasers,   Laundry Detergents, Carpet Stain Removers NPE (Ethoxilated Nonylphenols) Disrupts the action of hormones in our bodies
Window / Glass Cleaners, All Purpose Cleaners, Spot Removers, Silver & Jewellery Polish Ethylene Glycol (2-butoxyethanol)


Can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin
Laundry Bleach, Laundry Detergent, Automatic Dish Washer Gels & Powders Chlorine Bleach (Sodium Hyperchlorite) Chlorine used in making bleach is toxic. The bleach itself is actually toxic to fish.
Automatic Dish Washer Gels & Powders Phosphates Causes severe algae growth choking our lakes & rivers.

Dish Care
Most dishwashing liquids contain synthetic detergents, coal tar based colours, and artificial fragrances. They may even contain Quarternium 15, an eye and skin irritant which can release carcinogenic (cancer causing) formaldehyde. Many dyes used are known to be carcinogenic and they can both penetrate the skin and be left behind on your dishes. Traditional dish liquids are made from petroleum-based raw materials. The same stuff that is used to make heating oil!
natureclean® Dish Care products are made from vegetable based ingredients – not petroleum!

Personal Care
Companies using harsh chemicals in their products aren't looking out for your welfare ... it just got personal!
The wonderful part about bringing all natural alternatives to consumers is that we get to feel good about what we do.
More than 5,000 ingredients are allowed for use in traditional personal care products. Many of which have been identified by Government Agencies as hazardous.
Our goal is to help you reduce or eliminate your exposure to these toxic chemicals. After all, these are products we come in contact with everyday.


Nature Clean®'s Commitment to you:

We understand your desire to make the healthiest choices for you and your family. There are 3 ways that chemicals can enter our bodies:

(1) Inhalation; (2) Absorption through skin; (3) Ingestion. Our total exposure during our lives can result in either acute (immediate) or chronic (longer term) health issues. Many experts have seen a connection between the toxic chemicals traditionally used in household cleaning products and the following illnesses:

Asthma, Cancer, Cardiac Damage, Chemical Sensitivity, Respiratory Tract Infection, Liver & Kidney Damage, Nervous System Damage, and Severe Allergies with symptoms like headaches, burning eyes, skin rashes, runny nose, and fatigue.

We offer full disclosure of each ingredient on every label. Other companies, including many that offer “green products” won’t give full chemical names so you’ll never know what’s really in the products you’re using. Nature Clean® is guaranteed Free of these, and many other, suspected carcinogens (Cancer causing agents), toxic or environmentally harmful chemicals:

Ammonia / Benzene / Chlorine / Cocamide DEA / EDTA / Ethyleneglycol / Formaldehyde / Hydrochloric Acid / LAS / Mineral Spirits Nonyl-phenols / NTA / Optical Brighteners / Petroleum based chemicals / Phosphates / Propylene Glycol Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) / Synthetic Perfumes and Dyes
Offering non-toxic, environmentally safe alternatives for Household Cleaning, Laundry and Personal Care products. Ours is a 100% Canadian, 3rd generation, family run company, dedicated to providing safer consumer household products for over four decades.

All Nature Clean products are made without suspected carcinogens (cancer causing agents), petroleum based chemicals (or other non-renewable resources), or ingredients causing harmful fumes or toxic residues that could be absorbed through lungs or skin.

EcoLogo Certified
Fully Biodegradable
Septic & Grey Water Safe

Nature Clean®…Since 1963



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