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LED Lights
Light Properties

During November and December, a time when sunlight duration is shortest and overcast most common, every possible energy savings and cut back on energy consumption may have to be taken to avoid resorting to generator power.  Even cutting back on the relatively small standby power consumption of an inverter may be a good idea. 

12V and 24V Compact Fluorescent ~  12V & 24V CF Lighting

Compact fluorescent lights are approximately three times as efficient as incandescent lights and are a good bet for outdoor lighting in summer and indoor lighting at any time of the year.  We have 12V and 24V compact fluorescent lights available.

LED Lighting

LED lights are unaffected by lower temperatures and have significantly increased luminosity within their latest generations to almost equal lumens per watt available from Compact Fluorescent lights.  Commercially available (affordable) LED  lights are not all the same.  Be careful when purchasing LED lights, the watt rating of energy consumed is not an indicator of the amount of light you will get. 

Because LED lights are still not as bright as other light sources they are best used as spot and focused flood lighting.  We have 12V and 24V LED lights for suitable for applications as diverse as outdoor area and billboard spot/flood lighting and indoor task lighting.

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