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Christmas Gift Ideas

At Christmas the question always comes up as to what to purchase. Something of quality that's useful and practical for those people on your list that seem to have it all. 


Prices are in Canadian dollars.  The list is broken the list down by general topic; some items may appear more than once as they apply to each area.


    Solar Oven




 All American Sun Oven

 Sun Oven



 All American  Sun Oven with drying &  preparedness package

  Sun Oven



 All American  Sun Oven with drying  package 

  Sun Oven



 Sun Oven 3-qt  Enamelware pot - Round

 Sun Oven



 Sun Oven 4-qt Enamelware Pot w/steamer Insert

 Sun Oven



 Sun Oven Two Cookie Sheet/Brownie Pans

 Sun Oven




Water Filtration

 Drink lake water !    Big Berkey® 2.25 Gal. Stainless Steel Water Purifier with two Black Berkey® purification elements

Big Berkey

incl. shipping

Sport Berkey:   22 oz. Sport Purification Bottle (generic)

 Berkey Sport


 Go Berkey® Kit ,  This kit includes a  new small and compact .95 liter stainless steel housing and comes with 1 Black Berkey Element, 1 Sport Berkey Bottle, and a Vinyl carrying case.

 Go Berkey Kit

Incl. Shipping


            For Batteries




Freas #1 Hydrometer  Accurate Battery Hydrometer $28.75


Freas #98  Thermo-hydrometer   Accurate Battery Hydrometer $25.75



Generator start

Auto start generator initiator control  based on battery voltage. Autostart  $248.31





 Propane Gas Lights (complete)

 Falks Lights




5000 BTU Propane fuelled Engine Coolant (block) Heater Block Heater $608





General Preparedness




P50    emergency 50 hour candle  and matches (per can)




a case of  P50 emergency 50 hour candles (12/case)







 Sprouting and Sprouters




P45   two sprouting screen set with 1 oz. packet of Certified Organic Alfalfa seeds  Sprouting & Sprouters

P46   sprouting kit with Six #2-1/2 cans of sprouting seeds includes 2 Alaska Peas, 2 Lentils and 2 Wheat and a two tray seed sprouting kit with 2 stackable sprouting trays, drain tray, cover, 3 #2 1/2 can plastic lids and instruction booklet. This kit has been designed for proper drainage and maximum production.    


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