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British Berkefeld

British Berkefeld - Model SS-4

The original Ceramic Water Filters by British Berkefeld, these Water Filter has been in production for over 140 years. British Berkefeld designed this  water filter system to be used where a reliable source of treated drinking water is unavailable and electricity is unavailable. This filter's gravity feed it does not require water pressure.

Pour untreated water into the system and a short time later you will have good tasting, safe drinking water.  The pore structure of the ceramic filters inside this system are designed to remove very fine particles, cysts and bacteria. This water filter system is reliable and simple to use.

Used by the Redcross, Unicef, Save the Children, and thousands of Missionaries around the world where safe drinking water is not available.

British Berkefeld - Model SS-4 Features

  • High grade polished stainless steel
  • Gravity flow design needs no water pressure
  • Uses 4 "supersterasyl" ceramic filter elements
  • Depending on quality of water each filter will produce 2,500 to 12,000 gallons of drinking water before needing replaced. Thats 10,000 to 48,000 gallons for this 4 filter System 2 1/2 gallon lower container

         Produces 24 gallons of drinking water per day.

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