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Bosch PowerStream RP27PT Electric Tankless Water Heater


A thermal cut-out switch provides an excellent safety measure and ensures that the heating elements will not need replacement, as they do with many other electric tankless water heaters. This small unit can be installed virtually anywhere in the home producing an endless supply of hot water.


  • Thermal cut-out protects elements from dry fire damage
  • Built-in flow sensor ensures constant output temperature
  • External temperature control knob 3.7 gallons per minute at 105F, 2 sinks simultaneously or 1 shower or bathtub,
  • Provides 3.0 gallons per minute for water usage at 115F,  2 sinks simultaneously or 1 dishwasher,
  • Electronic flow switch


  • Efficiency 95%,
  • Solid copper heat exchanger
  • Water fittings " male NPT,
  • Zero stand-by loss,
  • Single Phase 120A  breaker required , 240V
  • 2 gauge (2 conductors & ground)
  • 26.85kWh Kilowatts,

Minimum Flow Rate at Given Temperature Rise

50F Rise 3.7 gpm
60F Rise 3.0 gpm
70F Rise 2.6 gpm
80F Rise 2.2 gpm


Physical Description 

Weight: 22 lbs.

Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 4"

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