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Battery Charge Monitor - Generator Auto-Start

This battery charge manager is a Canadian made,  environmentally sealed microprocessor driven solution to your battery management problems.  The BCM has the smarts to keep your battery in operational condition all the times. Constantly monitoring battery voltage, the BCM will activate the Auto start engine controller or the charging system to ensure full battery bank recharging, not just a partial “surface charge” or boiling the battery dry.

Delay On Timer Run Timer Adjustability- Prevents unnecessary starting of the system when a large instant load or draw is placed upon the battery.- Depending on the charging rate of your alternator and the amp-hour capacity of you battery bank, running for a fixed time ensures that you can get a full recharge without overcharging.- The high and low set points to begin and end the charging cycle are adjustable within a range of values. We can pre-set the BCM to your needs or have you set it up in the field.  This provides the OEM a plug and run solution or gives the generator re-furbisher the ability to tailor the BCM for a specific job.  These extra features make the battery charge monitor the premier product in it’s class, combined with our industry leading 3 year warranty make the battery charge monitor the obvious choice.

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